Real Estate Capital Advisory.

Value Driver.

Success Factors.

Value Driver.

New markets.
New business fields.
Local partners.

Northbound One is focused on x-border real estate investments. We provide our expertise in setting up and developing real estate investment platforms. We are familiar with the regulatory management and marketing requirements of pooling capital in the EU and, if necessary, are looking for mandatory service providers (e.g. a service KVG) in Germany or Luxembourg. Or we support our clients with our network in obtaining the necessary approvals.

Capital structuring.
Product development.
Marketing & Sales.

Northbound One focuses on investments in real estate. As direct investment or via structured investment products. We understand the different requirements of family offices and institutional capital - and the creation of alignment of interest in investment structures. We master and design the economic, legal and tax interaction with our partners and create solutions. And new businesses, if desired.

Governance & Compliance.

Northbound One structures the targeted preparation and implementation of real estate transactions. In the US and Germany. We understand the requirements of governance and compliance. We support the analysis of business plans and reports on investment performance. And we develop and accompany solution scenarios when things don't go as planned. Because markets, investor objectives or the legal frameworks change.